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custom made tables are now available on Go to for details. Tomorrows posting: a Viking Longboat.

Gaming table; pictures and notes

So, I got camera access for a few minutes and took some pictures. I wanted to do a little more on the jointery and how the table was made, but that really should be considered “trade secrets” and all. I will point out some areas that I think I could have improved on and how I will do the table better in the future.
This is the side view of the table. As I said before, the legs are of black walnut with a curly maple inlay. The side panel is a 1×6 of absolutely stunning curly maple.

Here is the main rail. There are four drawers on the side. Two are normal drawers to put game books, notes, whatever into and the two smaller ones are drink holders. Now, when I came up with the idea of putting drink holders into the table, I wasn’t thinking about clearance for the cup. When I added crown molding to the skirt of the table, it interfered with the drink holder. I’m going to have to re-do the drawers so that they pull out 12-16 inches. This will allow for the drinks to completely miss the skirt of the table and may give a separate compartment for snacks/dice/cards. We’ll see how that goes. In future tables, I may do away with the cup holder drawer and replace it with a rail system that allows cup holders to be added or removed. I’m still in the process of figuring this part out.

Main drawer fronts are black walnut. Drink drawers are of curly maple. Frankly I was a little disappointed that the curly maple didn’t POP more here. I’m considering replacing the drawer fronts with black walnut ones. Give me your thoughts.

Here is a top down view of the corner. You can see that first I used maple plugs as part of the building process. Underneath the plug is a screw which securely fastens the top cap to the wraparound. The maple gives a nice accent to the walnut. You can also see the trim piece that secures the felt to the table.

The felt is actually a speed cloth designed for poker tables so that cards flow smoothly across the tabletop. Underneath the felt is a pad. I wanted to include a pad for two reasons: first, as a poker player, I enjoy the feel of good padding in a table (this isn’t as perverted as it sounds). Second, after watching an episode of Table Top (see previous post), when a player slapped the table and all the pieces when all over the table, I decided it would be a good idea to NOT just put the felt over the table base.

This is an attempted closup of the crown molding underneath the top rail. I like crown molding, but it is a bit of a pain in the butt. I don’t think I’ll use it in future tables, and instead use a decorative molding that can be mitered at a normal 45 degree angle. It will look better, be a little easier to install and will actually be more functional because I can make the top cap slightly narrower which will allow for easier access to the table.

Monopoly ready to play!

If you look closely at the picture in the left side you can see the felt bunching up. This is another area where I will improve future tables. The plans I had for the table (as much as I had plans) recommended using spray adhesive to secure the felt to the padding. Well, turns out that this is a really bad idea. When you use adhesive, any part of the felt which was not dowsed in adhesive is going to ‘bubble’ up a little. This process also makes stretching the felt next to impossible. Future tables will not use the adhesive, but extra time and care will be taken to stretch the felt properly across the board. Without the adhesive, there won’t be the ‘bubble factor’, and with proper stretching, the felt will still maintain that springy quality that a good table will have.

Well, that is the table. I really am pleased with the way it turned out. I’m going to display it at the ALPACA Christmas show this year in Athens and will try to get something in some local stores soon (more info to follow). I can adjust the table to fit your needs and personality if you are interested in one. More info on pricing and availability to come. Right now I have a poker game to get to.


Day 3…table is done

But still no pictures. I took a few pictures on my phone, but they just don’t show off the piece very well. I’ll wait until Beth comes home tomorrow and charge my camera up and take some good ones.

As with all projects, I learned a lot during this. I ended up shortening the table by a couple inches, learned more efficient ways of installing drawers, found out that some drawers don’t work as well as you’d expect when crown molding is involved, etc.

Final dimensions
Exterior: 41.5 x 71.5 with the top rail sitting 32″ off the ground.
Interior: 33 x 65.5

Number of drawers: 4
Number of cup holders: 4
Seats 6 comfortably, can probably handle 8 if your buddies don’t smell too bad.

I’m going to post some pictures tomorrow and work up a price list. This is a very nice piece of furniture perfect for any gamer. I can make the table bigger/smaller as needed. I’ll display it at the ALPACA Christmas show this year and am going to try to get pictures in at a couple places locally. If you have questions or would like to see more detailed pictures, just send me a message.

Gaming table, day 2

No pictures today. This is in part because not a lot of visual progress was made, but also because Beth took my camera battery charger with her on vacation and my battery is now dead.

Did a lot of tedious work today. I put 3 coats of lacquer on the base of the table. it is now very smooth and very shiny. I added the drawers to the table and cut out the different rails for the top of the table. After nearly destroying the crown molding for the table, I figured out that my molder wasn’t set up correctly and I had to re-run the molding. Was able to save the wood, so no lost lumber, which is good because I was getting pretty low on walnut.

I pre-finished all the walnut which will make up the top of the table. Tomorrow, I’ll cut cut final dimensions and assemble. It is looking rather nice if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow will start off with a quick run to the hardware store to get some last minute supplies. I hope to have everything assembled tomorrow with just some light finishing work to do after that. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.

Gaming Table day 1

Got started on the gaming table. Since I’m not really working off of a plan and am making things up as I go along, this is a bit of a challenge. The first thing that had me concerned was the legs of the table. Put the wrong legs on a table and it loses its functionality. I didn’t want big bulky legs, but wanted more than four sticks holing up the table. I had some 8/4 walnut laying around so I thought I’d fool around with that first. I squared it up and had 4 legs that looked really plain.  *bleh*

I decided to use a simple 45 degree router to turn the squares into an octagon. It was an improvement, but not quite what I had in mind. Looked around the workshop a little more and found some curly maple. Tried a couple different inlay designs and settled on some thing basic, but I think looked pretty good.

Next up was designing the side panels. I wanted a couple drawers per side and a cup holder. I took a 66″ piece of walnut to the cnc machine and put in a basic cutout pattern.

We spent the rest of the day slowly trying to piece together the table. I used the curly maple on the ends to accent the piece, but the bulk of it is in black walnut. Naturally, once we got everything put together, we figured out that we didn’t square it up. To fix this, we yelled a lot. Then we cut out a piece of plywood to the correct table size, squared up the sides and then flipped it over to re-position the support bars, added some corner pieces to keep it squared and tightened everything back up. With a little luck, when we take the top off tomorrow, it will stay square. Without a little luck, it will be the same as any other day.

The plan for tomorrow is to lacquer the base, put the padding and felt down on the plywood and start working on the wrap-around. We are going to try to include some crown molding, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m still hoping for completion before the kids get home on Monday, but it will definitely be pushing things. More pics to follow.

Weekend project

I’ve been watching Table Top, a web show that plays a different table top game each week, starring Wil Wheaton. It is a pretty good show and it has reminded me how much fun it is to play games with friends and family. I have two daughters who are at the stage where they like to play games a lot, so I thought of making them a game table. Wil Wheaton has a nice on on his show, so I’ve been thinking of plans based on that table (see and go to Table Top to see an episode).

I’ll be posting pictures and updates over the next few days on the table. If you are interested in one similar, let me know. I’ll be working up a price and will take the table to some shows in the near future.

Friendly Paws

Friendly Paws pet supply store will now be carrying a few of my products. They will have doggy stairs








The stairs are 24″ high and have rails of poplar wood with a high gloss finish. I’ll probably make this out of cedar in the future. If you would prefer one made from cedar, tell Friendly Paws and they’ll order one for you.





And elevated dog food bowls.

The elevated dog bowls will range in size from 6″ to 24″ high, so they should be good for anything from your little pup to the big great dane. The 6 inch riser will have 1 quart bowls, while most of the rest will have 2 quart bowls. They are made from local aromatic cedar and have been finished with a high gloss lacquer.










I also gave them a sign to display. If you are interested in something like this, please be sure to ask about it.

I want to thank Friendly Paws for carrying my products. If you have any ideas for other products I can make them, please tell me (and Friendly Paws) and we’ll see what we can work out. It is great to be part of a community that values its local small businesses. If you are out on West State, be sure to stop by Friendly Paws and take a look at their new products.


New Projects

I made a couple stops recently to try to sell my wares at new locations for the spring. I put together a couple of cedar planters and went down to Brennan’s plants at the crossroads. Dave wasn’t interested in those specific planters, but wanted me to make a demo of a larger format one that he can use for a project he is doing at the University Inn.

If you want a cedar planter of your own, go down to the West Fields this coming Friday between 9:00 and 12:00. Athens Sandlot Baseball/Softball will be there letting people pick up their flower orders and I will have cedar planters available for sale there. They are 6″x6″x30″ and can be bought either in rough cut or finished wood. The price should be around $20. Proceeds go to Sandlot and all the great work they do for the kids in the area. If they run out, tell them to take your name and number and I’ll make however many you need. As long as you order at the fields, the profit will go to Sandlot.

If you can’t make it to the West Fields on Friday (and I still haven’t convinced Brennan’s to buy from me), you can always contact me directly and order your planter. Made from all aromatic cedar. I’ll post pictures soon so you can see the beauty of the wood.

I also stopped at Friendly Paws on East State and I am currently making a couple of demos for them. I’ll be finishing a doggy staircase for pets who have problems getting up on their favorite chair (current model is about 24″ high but if there is a need I can make a larger version. I also designed a dog food bowl riser that will elevate your pet’s bowl by about 12″. Again, larger versions can be made upon request.

I’m looking for other ideas for your pets as well. Friendly Paws is a great local business and the owner was telling me how she WANTS to buy more products locally rather than importing (probably from China), but hasn’t found a lot of products and suppliers. Give me some ideas and I’ll pass them along and see what she thinks!

I’ll post pictures tomorrow…right now the kids are kicking me off the computer so they can watch some TV.

Kickstarter pt. 2

My kickstarter project has been approved! I don’t have a lot to report right now about it, but I hopefully will have the project up and running before the end of February. Hope everyone sees something there they want to invest in.